Every week, the Suffragettes reserve a chair or two for another fantastic female singer-songwriter. So, if you're interested in joining in, please just complete the form below and press the "SUBMIT" button. All submissions will be carefully considered.


  • If you have submitted before, but would like to present new music, please do!

  • You must be willing to perform at least three original compositions.

  • We ask that you be comfortable performing your songs on guitar (or on a keyboard if that's your instrument of choice). No backing musicians allowed.

  • You will be responsible for bringing your own instrument and your own 1/4" cable. DI boxes and microphones will be provided.

  • You must be available to play on a Monday night and be willing to arrive for soundcheck at 4:45pm.

  • You are 100% responsible for bringing your A game!

Name *
Are you interested in a singing competition show? *
(i.e. American Idol, America's Got Talent, The Voice). We often help with private auditions for TV shows!
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